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Second is the New First!

We are absolutely thrilled to learn that AKRoN Roofing was selected a Secondary Winner in the Post Media 2018 Home Services Readers' Choice Awards! Given that the 1st place winner, a company we very much respect, is 4x our size. We are very proud of this award! Apparently, second is the new first!

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Love Your Roof

We feel strongly about our slogan, "Love Your Roof" and homeowners often ask for our advice for choosing their next roof profile or colour. Other homeowners say, "I can't see it, so I don't care"; but this GAF Blog gives some great guidance for choosing your next roof - one you're gonna love! Check out the “Three Cs for Choosing a Timeless Roofing Style”.

Ice Dams

Ice dams and attic frost were a plague across the city for homeowners in late winter and early spring of 2018. Due to a number of issues, we had calls from homeowners thinking they had leaks; however the temperatures were below -10 degrees celcius. The roofs themselves were NOT leaking, but, the frost in the attic or the underside of an ice dam was MELTING. Ice is powerful and can move, pulling up shingles and getting under ice and water shield. We also had homeowners with snow blowing up through the soffit vents which then melts into a warm attic that doesn't have adequate insulation (or ventilation due to the snow load on the roof). Another cause of the ice dam problem was the drastic temperature fluctuations, snow was beginning to melt during the day and then that water froze solid again overnight. This thaw-freeze cycle created the perfect conditions for clogged gutters, icicles, and more ice dams.

One way to prevent ice dams from happening in the future by sealing any warm air leaks into your attic and ensuring you have adequate ventilation. Check that your soffit vents are not covered and consider replacing snowed-over turtle vents with tall Ventilation Maximum®. Ideally you want the underside of your roof and the outside air to be the same temperature.

Global News reported on ice dams in Calgary in a March 2018 special report. Check out the Global News video!

GAF Receives Women’s Choice Award for the Fifth Consecutive Year

AKRoN is proud to promote GAF Roofing products. We are a Master Elite Contractor with GAF and we love to give women and all homeowners a positive experience when shopping for a new roof. We feel strongly about providing education, resources, and an exceptional customer experience so our customers will all love their roofs! For a fifth consecutive year, GAF received this award based on excellent survey scores, including customers rating the service and overall quality of GAF as “extremely satisfied.” Nine out of ten customers polled said they would definitely recommend GAF to their family and friends. Read more about the award.

Granville Slate

The Calgary Herald reports Calgary’s GEM EuroShield was chosen as the replacement product for the slate roof destroyed by golf balls at Scotland’s Old Course Hotel. Given EuroShield’s exceptional strength and durability, it’s a perfect choice for a golf resort.
Read the official Press Release Here.

Winter Roof Leaks

When your roof appears to be leaking in the middle of winter, it is probably not an actual leak, but a ventilation issue. With temperatures fluctuating as much as they do in this province, a lot of condensation can build up in your attic, which results in moisture penetrations. We can help with a ventilation inspection and assessment. Often a few extra vents can solve this problem. For more information about ventilation in your attic, read this article from the CMHC.

Can You Smell Your Roof?

After a EuroShield® installation, can you smell the rubber? Check out the FAQ to find out!

Analysis of Class 4 Impact Shingles

“The selection of a hail-resistant shingle, in conjunction with an incentive from the insurance carrier, is a cost-effective alternative for both the homeowner and the insurance company.”

Read the full analysis in this article regarding Class 4 impact shingles here.

GAF Roofing without Nails

AKRoN Roofing loves GAF Shingles. Check out this video showing a roof installation in a lab without nails and with a wind test reaching 153 mph (that's 246 km/hr!)

Euroshield® is made in Calgary and withstands Caribbean Storms

This incredible article is testimony to Calgary's own EuroShield® recycled rubber shingles. Calgary had a wind storm this past October that blew asphalt roofs off with 135 km/hr gusts. The Hurricane in the Caribbean mentioned in this review sustained winds more than 2x that speed without a blown-off field tile. Call us today for your free EuroShield quote and rest easy during our next wind storm!

Why a Heavier Shingle Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Better

As we often say, there are more products we will NOT install than products we will install. Protect your home with GAF shingles. Watch this “Fat vs Thin” video from GAF Roofing.


T.E.M. Inc.’s Euroshield® profiled in Building and Construction Canada. Please feel free to read the article for more information about this excellent product!

Special Thank You

August 1, 2013: A special thank you to Going Wild's Brian Keating for choosing AKRoN Roofing to install his G.E.M. Inc. EuroLite® roof on his residence in Inglewood. We completed the inspection this morning after an intense three days of installation. This is yet another impressive example of the black slate profile. Please click here to see our Facebook album with more photos!

Business Ethics Award Nominee

September 4, 2012: We are very proud to announce that AKRoN Roofing has been nominated for a Better Business Bureau 2012 Business Ethics Award!

“The Business Ethics Awards recognize trustworthy businesses and organizations that display ethical leadership in our community.”

CBC Market Place Report on Asphalt Shingles

The majority of Calgary roofs are not living up to their product warranties, according to a CBC Market Place report on asphalt shingles.

Update: On October 4, 2012, a shingle class action settlement by BP occurred.

Upcoming EVENTS

2019 Calgary Renovation Show

BMO Centre, Stampede Park

January 11 - 13, 2019 Booth #247

2019 Calgary Home + Garden Show

BMO Centre, Stampede Park

February 28 - March 3, 2019 Booth #473


Las Vegas International Roofing Expo

AKRoN Roofing was honoured to represent and attend with Brian Eberle from G.E.M. Inc. the 2014 Las Vegas International Roofing Expo from February 26-28, 2014.

National Association of Home Builders' International Building Show

January 2013: AKRoN Roofing is proud to accompany and represent G.E.M. Inc. at its product booth at the National Association of Home Builders’ International Building Show in Las Vegas from January 21-24, 2013.

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