What Helps Your Roof Maintain A Good Environment Inside?

May 20, 2021

What Helps Your Roof Maintain A Good Environment Inside?

Your roof provides you with shelter and stability, protecting your home or business’s interior from the outside elements. A high-quality roof on your residential or commercial building has certain supporting elements that enable it to perform at its best and give you peace of mind.

You must ensure that you properly take care of your roof to take full advantage of your roof. This blog shares some of the essential elements to consider when repairing, installing, and maintaining your sloped roof.

Roofing Material

Southern Alberta has intense weather and the products you consider need to be suitable to withstand high winds, heavy rainfall and snow load as well as wildly fluctuating temperatures. The roofing material you choose for its ability to withstand certain weather elements and the structure of your building is crucial. If you have selected a suitable product, it will deliver your desired results so long as it is installed by a competent and experienced roofing crew to the manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations.

Different sloped roofing materials such as asphalt shingles, SBS rubber modified shingles, rubber, synthetic, and metal roofs have varying benefits. It depends on your budget and also aesthetic choices which of these roof types will suit your home the best and deliver your desired results.

Perfect Installation

A lot depends on the perfection and precision with which a roofing contractor installs your roof. If there are deficiencies during the roof’s installation, there could be problems that may lead to water penetration, attic condensation issues, and a shorter shingle lifespan.

If you have hired the best roofing contractor available, it will enhance the chances of getting the best outcome. An imperfect or incomplete installation of a roof can make it ineffective despite the excellent quality of roof you select.

For a correctly-installed roof, hiring an experienced contractor who is certified with or recommended by the manufacturer you choose is extremely important. Not only should you know which shingle they are installing, but the installation should include brand-specific products that compliment the entire roof system, from underlayment, starter shingles, and hip and ridge caps. Make sure you understand the manufacturer’s material warranty and the workmanship warranty provided by your contractor. The contractor you choose should be able to provide proof of liability insurance, licensing in the municipality you are in and a license with Service Alberta, which means the contractor is bonded and is approved to legally accept deposits. Ask for proof of WCB coverage, references, and review legitimate testimonials from trusted review websites. These simple checks will ensure you’re hiring the best roofing contractor and a qualified professional installer you can trust.


A proper ventilation system also needs to be addressed in order to produce the best results for a comfortable interior. The attic ventilation system is responsible for keeping the attic space the same ambient temperature as outside. Together with an airtight seal between the interior living space and the attic, your exhaust and intake ventilation protects your home from condensation and attic rain in the winter and protects your interior from overheating in the summer.


Skylights are another way of enhancing the energy efficiency of your roof. You and your home can benefit from having natural light coming in. The skylights in your roof play a critical role in letting sunlight enter your home. During a roof replacement is a perfect time to replace an outdated existing skylight with an updated model with hail protection, layered tempered glass and a fresh seal, including new flashing around the base. It’s also great timing to add a skylight or sun tunnel. Your contractor can work with you to discuss the best skylight for your home and lifestyle to maximize the natural light source for your home.


Insulation is another significant element in your roofing strategy that can make a huge difference. The insulation’s quality and durability will determine how well your roof will shelter you and your home from outside temperatures.

Insulation is an additional layer of protective material in your roofing that blocks extreme heat and cold and does not allow the attic temperature to affect the temperature inside your home. Consequently, you remain comfortable and at ease inside your house despite the harsh weather.

Your insulation helps to maintain the attic’s ambient temperature. Combined with vapour barrier, it prevents heat from the interior of your home from entering the attic space and is an important element in preventing condensation from developing in your attic in the winter. It is also extremely important to ensure that your soffits do not get covered up by spray-in insulation as that will negatively affect the intake ventilation from the soffits, putting your system off-balance.

You need to give proper attention to all the aspects mentioned above to help your roof remain effective and efficient for you and your home. Taking care of these things will ensure that your roof and attic will maintain a healthy, favorable environment, and the temperature inside your home remains according to your needs and requirements.

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