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Emergency Roofing Services

Calgary is a hot spot for severe weather. From wind storms to hail storms, Southern Alberta makes national headlines and sets insurance records. These extreme weather events can be a headache by causing damage to homeowner’s roofs. Whether you see major or minor damage, leave the ladder in the shed and trust an expert at AKRON to assess and repair your roof. Our technicians have the required experience and safety training to be on your roof. We can provide emergency temporary waterproofing and then discuss options with you for a permanent solution. Some emergency roofing problems might include:

  • Harsh winds or a storm has blown off shingles or metal flashing
  • Hail has caused granule loss or penetrations in your shingles
  • A tree limb has scratched your shingles or decking
  • Driving rain or a deluge of rain has entered open or unsealed valleys
  • Chimney cap flashing is compromised and water is penetrating the building
  • A poor installation by unqualified installers is causing problems

At AKRoN Roofing we have qualified professionals who have the safety training and experience to be on your roof and inspect it for damage. As a small, boutique company, we can effect repairs in a timely and professional manner.

Instead of waiting for a more critical situation to happen, call AKRON and we can help you. Our team will assess the extent of the damage and then suggest the appropriate repairs accordingly.

"Here For You In Times Of Need – With Love And Speed."

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