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Repair Your Roof

Your roof is an essential element of your home that needs repair from time to time. It may not yet be time for full replacement, but we can provide repair service to seal up penetrations, tab down shingles or caulk exposed nail heads. This can extend the life of the roof system until you’re ready to replace. Negligence towards your roof can cause serious damage that would be more costly in the long run. Protect your roof from further damage with AKRoN Roofing’s repair service. Our professional team inspects your roof and suggests cost-effective and durable repairing solutions.

No matter what type of roof you have, AKRoN Roofing has the right set of expertise to repair it. We offer our roof repair services for residential and commercial roofs of all types. Let us take care of your roof by providing a thorough roof inspection and roof repair solution within your budget. Our reliable roof repair service puts you at ease and ensures that your roof lasts longer.

We can repair asphalt, concrete tile, slate, cedar and pine shake, rubber roofing, metal, tar & gravel, torch on, and single ply systems such as TPO and EPDM. Read more about emergency roof repairs here.


Repair Services

We can assess your roof and provide repair services for problems. These problems and services include:

  • Detecting roof leaks
  • Condensation build-up in the attic
  • Assessing Ventilation and adding exhaust and intake vents
  • Adding goosenecks for interior ventilation such as range hoods and bathroom fans;
  • Addressing damaged or loose flashings
  • Repairing seals around chimneys, vents, and skylights
  • Sealing leak points on flat and metal roofs
  • Replacing damaged shingles
  • Tabbing down loose and lifting shingles
  • Caulking exposed nail heads

AKRoN Roofing is a trusted roof repair company that has been servicing its customers for years. We provide insured services with top-quality craftsmanship. Call us now for more information.

"A Better Roof, A Better Home."

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