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Light up your Life

Fall in love with your space by allowing bright, beautiful natural light in. You can enjoy natural light and reduce your carbon footprint without the worry of high energy bills. AKRoN Roofing brightens up spaces with VELUX Skylights and Sun Tunnels. Sun Tunnels have a daylight-catching dome that sits on the roof deck with a reflective tunnel ending in your living space. They’re an affordable option with minimal interior work required for installation. Allow sunlight to come into your home with our affordable skylight solutions. You can enjoy sky views at night and save power in the daytime.

Certified Technicians

AKRoN Roofing is certified with VELUX and can help you with your existing or next skylight. Whether your current skylight is in need of repair or you’d like to install a new skylight, we can help. In our experience, most homeowner’s existing skylights are called fixed curb mount skylights. VELUX offers additional options including solar-powered blinds to control the light entering your home.


Choose the Glass you Love

VELUX’s Glass Options and coatings makes it one of the best choices for Southern Alberta weather. Depending on the size of your skylight, VELUX glass choices include the following:

Glass Code 004 (Clean Comfort Plus)

Exterior tempered safety glass for overhead skylights. Laminated interior pane for added safety and protection from UV rays. Excellent energy efficiency and thermal performance. Neat® coating for a Clean, Quite, Safe and 10-year hail warranty (source:

Glass Code 029 (Triple Pane Laminate)

Exterior 2 panes are tempered safety glass. Interior pane is laminated glass. Triple coated with LoE, dual-sealed and injected with Argon gas for high energy efficiency and thermal performance (source:

Sun Tunnels are another excellent and affordable choice for bringing natural light into your home. Call AKRON today to discuss your existing or next skylight.

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