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Eavestrough, Fascia, and Soffit Solutions

Your roofing system includes the gutters, downspouts, fascia and soffits. Your eavestroughs are an important part of your roof system and should be sloped and installed with a design that ensures water is leaving your roof surface and exiting away from your home. We can provide replacement, repair and downpipe extension services to ensure your water is shedding efficiently from your roof surface and away from your foundation. Vertical aluminum fascia on your gables and behind the eavestrough ensure the fascia board on your home is protected from water and rot damage. Finally, your soffits are essential to your attic space’s ventilation and airflow. We assist homeowners with assessing their air circulation and recommend solutions for avoiding attic rain, ice dams, and other potential problems.


Aluminum or Steel Eavestrough Solutions to Compliment the Roof you Love

Aluminum continuous eavestrough is the standard choice for homeowners. 5” gutters with 3”x3” downspouts allow for increased water flow off the roof and away from the home. Standard downspout openings are typically 2-⅝” x 2-⅝”, however we encourage homeowners to choose 3”x3” downspouts which permit more watershed and allow debris from surrounding trees to flow out of the gutter system. AKRON’s experienced technicians will repair or install your gutter system so you don’t have to worry.

Lindab European Gutters are a perfect choice for long-lasting gutters that deliver the most efficient water shedding available on the market. They’re a half round, 23 ga steel gutter and coated with high-build polyester paint in seven standard colour options. A Lindab Rainline™ System is extremely heavy duty and can withstand heavy snow and ice loads, hail impact, and its UV stability means the colour will not fade. There are flexible and affordable options for water retention systems including rain diverters and rain barrels to ensure you get the most out of Southern Alberta’s wet weather.

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Fascia Services

Fascia cover provides a barrier against the elements protecting the fascia board from rain and subsequent rot and decay. Along with providing structural function, they also make your home’s roof and gutter system look aesthetically pleasing. It is important to note that fascia cannot be replaced without removing the gutters first, as eavestrough are mounted to the fascia board.

f you’re interested in something other than standard aluminum fascia, LUX steel cladding may be a consideration. Invest in your home with steel fascia by LUX Architectural Products.

Whether it is a new project that requires fascia installation or you’re looking to replace or repair your old fascia and gutters, you can trust AKRoN Roofing to provide you with cost-effective and professional services.


Soffit Services

The underside of the roof overhang on the eaves of your home is where your soffits are. Soffits connect your roof's overhang with the side of the building firmly and provide the aesthetic of a finished exterior. They prevent animals, insects, and the elements from entering your attic space. That said, the soffits’ function on your home is intake ventilation and they are crucial to your attic’s air flow system, working in conjunction with the exhaust vents on the roof surface. The ambient air temperature in your attic should be the same as it is outside. Soffits can become obstructed by blown-in insulation, or depending on the type of soffit, simply aren’t efficient enough from the initial construction of a home.

We offer soffit and other intake ventilation solutions that help to better circulate the air in your attic to help protect the interior of your rhome being damaged by condensation and attic rain.

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