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Attic Ventilation

The roof of your home is a complete system, from the shingles and underlayment to the eavestrough, soffits, and vents. Correct roof ventilation is crucial for energy-savings, airflow, longevity, and overall design. Roofing ventilation is extremely important in protecting your attic and living space from condensation and saving your roof deck from mould and rot.

AKRoN Roofing provides premium roof installation that includes required ventilation that your attic space needs. With our roof replacements, we assess the existing exhaust and intake ventilation and advise the best solution for any issues. Typically homes do not have adequate exhaust ventilation so we make sure to add more wherever needed.

Southern Alberta gets a heavy snow load. When snow covers low-profile vents on roof slopes, condensation can quickly build up in attic spaces and turn into attic rain when temperatures rise. Our Canadian-made metal sloped roof ventilators, the VMAX-300 series, stand above the snow load to keep your attic temperature at optimum levels while being silent and reducing weather infiltration.


Ventilation Advantages

Correct roofing ventilation has many advantages such as:

  • Lowering your energy costs during the summer. With the right ventilation you can significantly reduce your air conditionings costs. You won’t have to turn your AC on to keep the temperature inside your home or office cool.
  • A properly ventilated attic space allows fresh air in and moisture and heat to escape, avoiding the process of condensation that leads to the development of mould, mildew, and other biological growth.
  • Ventilation keeps attic temperatures at an optimal level and prevents the formation of frost and ice dams.

"Ventilate With Care, Live With Comfort."

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