AKRoN Roofing Calling Out All Homeowners For The Upcoming Calgary Resilient Roofing Rebate Program

June 3, 2021

AKRoN Roofing Calling Out All Homeowners For The Upcoming Calgary Resilient Roofing Rebate Program

Your roof can deteriorate over time, especially in a place like Calgary that receives heavy snowfall, hailstorms, and rainfall throughout the year, damaging the condition of your roof. AKRoN Roofing provides professional roof repair. We provide professional roof replacing, inspection, and maintenance services in Calgary, Alberta, and surrounding areas.

What Is Calgarys’ Resilient Roofing Rebate Program?

The Resilient Roofing Rebate Program is a hot topic among Calgary homeowners these days. It is a phased, three-year rebate program that will offer eligible homeowners a $3,000 fixed rebate for installing roofs with hail protection. The purpose of this rebate is to educate Calgary homeowners on the benefits of installing resilient roofing materials and to help Calgary become a more resilient city against various environmental risks. In 2020, a dangerous June hailstorm alone cost Calgarians $1.4 billion in damage. Damaged roofs accounted for as much as $800 million of that total.

The City of Calgary is encouraging its residents to upgrade their roofs by offering a rebate program for 3 years. This program promotes the installation of new roofs and replacement of damaged roofs whilst shedding light on the importance of having a hail impact-resistant roof installed by a qualified professional contractor.

Who Is Eligible?

Around 320,000 homes will be eligible for this rebate program. The rebate program shall begin on June 1, 2021, and the criteria for its eligibility is as follows:

  • Owners of the eligible properties or authorized agents of the owner are eligible.
  • Owners in good standing of property tax roll can apply.
  • The owner must have a property within Calgary.
  • Dwelling property types include single-family, semi-detached, and duplex.
  • Full roof replacement or a new roof using a material with a UL and FM Class 4 rating.
  • A certified installer must do the roof installation process.
  • One rebate per property only.
  • Owners can apply for multiple properties with proof of their ownership.

The division of the rebate program according to the years is as follows:

Year 1:Repair/Rehabilitation

  • Group A (June 1 – December 31, 2021)
  • For eligible homeowners impacted by the 2020 hailstorms
  • Group B (January 1 – May 31, 2022)
  • Eligible existing homes

Year 2:Resilience of existing homes

  • Eligible existing homes

Year 3: Resilience of homes

  • Eligible new and existing homes

An analysis and monitor report of this rebate program will be due in 2022, and if the results are positive, the third year will include roofing for new homes. The program administrator and general manager of planning and development will prepare and review the reports regularly and quarterly. These reports will help formulate the approach for the next two years.

The average number of roof replacements for the first year is 22,000 rooftops and 660 roof upgrades. Moreover, $175,000 will be spent on educational campaigns and awareness about resilient roofing.

Who Is Ineligible?

Decisions on the rebate will be made on a first-come, first-serve basis. Factors that make you ineligible for the rebate program are as follows:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Accessory buildings (Detached shed or garage)
  • Condominiums, row-houses, multi-unit residential buildings
  • Properties with a tax recovery notice
  • Partial roof replacement/repair
  • Repairing/replacing roof accessories

How Can AKRoN Roofing Help?

AKRoN Roofing offers cost-effective and resilient roofing solutions in Calgary. We provide a wide range of the best roofing materials in the market and hold the highest installation standards for all roofs. AKRoN Roofing is a proud member of the Alberta Allied Roofing Association.

We offer a variety of products, for sloped roof replacements with a Class 4 rating from UL, including SBS modified architectural shingles, Euroshield recycled rubber shingles, and F-wave Synthetic shingles. Our other services include, but are not limited to, residential re-roofing with asphalt shingles, TPO membranes for flat roofing, roof repairs, and inspections of all types of roofing material by our qualified team.

AKRoN Roofing is proud of its A+ rating with BBB plus other certifications and accreditations. You can check our accreditations and certifications here. Contact us here for more information. To know more about the Calgary Resilient Roofing Rebate Program, read this document and visit the City of Calgary’s program website here.

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