What Is The Alberta Allied Roofing Association

February 10, 2022

What Is The Alberta Allied Roofing Association

The Alberta Allied Roofing Association (AARA) is a group representing commercial and residential roofing contractors in Alberta. The association has been developed with an aim to educate industry contractors in Alberta on new technologies and products, changing market trends and to make sure that policies and requirements benefit the roofing industry as a whole. This is achieved by maintaining consistent best practices that will ultimately increase the roofing trade’s reputation.

The AARA is also beneficial for homeowners. If a roofing company is a member of the AARA, it means that they are not only properly accredited but are also complying with the standards and regulations set forth by the authorities and the AARA best practices guidelines.

The AARA’s value statement reads,

“AARA assures that their roofing professionals are established companies that are credible, have a history of satisfied customers and who provide superior quality materials and services.”

The association helps customers in connecting with reputable roofing professionals who work hard to maintain their history of integrity, quality products and workmanship.

Benefits of AARA Membership For Customers

If you are planning to hire a roofing contractor who is a member of the AARA, you can expect the following benefits:

Quality Workmanship

The AARA ensures that all its members provide their customers with high-end services. To maintain membership, the roofing companies have to ensure that their staff is amply trained and they are up to date with the latest regulations, standards and laws.

Each contractor’s work is inspected to ensure that they are installing to Alberta Building Code as a minimum standard. Only reputable and established companies can become a part of the AARA.

Security Of Work

The AARA is very particular about licensing and insurance. The association confirms that all its members have Municipal Business Licensing and have been in business a minimum of five years.

In addition to this, the member is bound to have active insurance and a minimum of $2 Million Liability Insurance.

Benefits of an AARA Membership For Roofers

The AARA provides several benefits to its members as well. Some of these benefits include:

Improved Reputation

The AARA is a trusted and respected brand that stands for integrity and quality. Being a member of the AARA provides a message to prospective customers that the roofing contractor values these same traits and helps build customer trust.

AARA has a rigorous pre-screening process for membership applications. Hence, homeowners can expect quality workmanship when choosing an AARA member to complete their roofing project.


Roofing contractors interact with other roofing professionals in the roofing industry through the AARA. AARA members meet monthly to discuss industry news, programs pertaining to roofing like the City of Calgary Resilient Roofing rebate, and other construction news and events. It brings together contractors, suppliers, manufacturers and affiliates to keep abreast of current trends, changes and news within the roofing industry.

Training Programs

Having amply trained workers is important to ensure the quality of work provided by a contractor. The AARA requires specific training standards in safety that ultimately protect workers, contractors, and homeowners.

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