The Benefits Of Solatube Installation In Calgary

June 16, 2023


Being one of the sunniest cities in Canada, Calgary receives a fair amount of sunlight throughout the year. With its 2405 hours of sunlight annually (approximately 333 days), Calgary tops the list as the sunniest spot in Canada. The latter provides a huge conservational opportunity for locals as this significant amount of sunlight can be used as a reliable alternative to non-renewable energy.

Besides being a perfect location for a safe investment in solar-generated power, Calgary also serves as the ideal spot to try out other energy-efficient ways of conserving natural light and heat. Among these, the most common ones are skylights and solatubes. While skylights have been quite popular for centuries, their modern substitute has also gained immense vogue since its invention in 1981.

Solatubes, otherwise known as sun tunnels, are emerging as an efficient and viable alternative to traditional curb-mount skylights amongst roofing companies and homeowners in Calgary. In contrast to conventional skylights that act more like windows on the roof, solatubes follow a simple scientific phenomenon of reflection to collect and direct natural light into a house. This reflective tube system captures sunlight and redirects it into a house to provide natural light.

However, the above is only an explanation of the simplest form of solatubes. Backed by technological advancements and scientific breakthroughs, these innovative tubular systems have become even more sophisticated, efficient and cost-effective.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of solatubes/sun tunnels in detail and also deduce why they are a smart choice for Calgarians looking to add more natural light to their homes and reduce their electricity bills.

Cost-Effective And Easy Installation

Unlike a traditional skylight, solatubes do not require extensive construction work before their installation. In the absence of the need for a strong vertical shaft or a skylight well, which is a significant cost factor, the installation of solatubes is quicker and comparatively more straightforward. On the same note, the installation of solatubes does not require sophisticated or specialized tools, which makes the installation process even easier and quicker.

This reduced amount of installation time and construction work ultimately translates into lower installation costs. So if you are looking for a cost-effective and quick solution to draw natural light into your home with minimal disruptions due to construction work, then installing solatubes would be a wise decision.

Energy-Efficiency And Savings On Utility Bills

With soaring energy prices, utility bills are top of mind for many homeowners. While many homeowners believe they have found solutions to lighting with skylights, they haven’t yet realized the full potential of solatubes.

The seemingly large surface of a skylight promises more natural light and heat than a tubular sun tunnel system. However, the opposite is actually true.

Although skylights have a broader surface area to let in light, the incoming light simply passes through the window and reflects directly at the surface right beneath it. As a result, the interior is not evenly lit, as there are no means of reflecting or evenly distributing the light. Likewise, this direct exposure to sunlight may cause the spot underneath the skylight to heat up excessively.

If the vertical shaft is not insulated properly, the room will also quickly lose heat when the sun goes down. There are also numerous issues that can arise with condensation build-up in skylight wells in the winter, especially in high-humidity areas like kitchens and bathrooms, which can lead to dripping and staining.

Contrarily, solatubes have a dome made of acrylic or polycarbonate, which traps light and channels it through reflective tubes into a home. This allows for a brighter and more evenly lit space than a skylight. Similarly, the tubes of a sun tunnel are airtight, which reduces heat loss and eliminates condensation risk. In the end, a space with solatubes is more well-lit, heated, and moisture-free.

Resultantly, solatubes can be more energy-efficient and thus help to save more on heating and lighting bills than skylights.

Enhanced Versatility And Compatibility With Different Roof Types

When it comes to design versatility and compatibility with different roofs, solatubes steal the show. Solatubes are scientifically designed to be flexible and accommodating in terms of the amount of sunlight they allow into a home. If the roofing contractor installing the sun tunnel for you knows how to manage the dome size and light-gathering system, you can actually decide on the amount and intensity of light that comes into a room.

This flexibility is also visible when it comes to a Solatube’s compatibility with different roof and material types. From asphalt shingle, metal, tile, and flat roofing systems, solatubes are the ideal solutions for homes and commercial properties with a variety of roofing materials and systems.

Nonetheless, this level of convenience highly depends on the quality of the installation services provided by your roofer.

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Decreased Exposure To Ultraviolet Rays

In the case of a skylight, ultraviolet rays will seep through the glass at times. However, a solatube dome is made from a material that provides close to 100% protection from UV rays.

High Endurance With Minimal Maintenance

Lastly, solar tubes bear far less weather and storm beating compared to skylights. Its dome shape, in conjunction with the sturdy material from which it is made, the outer part of the system endures less exposure to the elements than a skylight. As a result, solatubes require less frequent cleaning, repairs, replacements, and overall maintenance.

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