Different Types Of Roof Measurement Technologies

July 8, 2021

Different Types Of Roof Measurement Technologies

Advancements in technology have revamped the way most industries operate. Less than two decades ago, the only way to measure surface area, height, and other parameters of a roof was to climb a ladder and run a tape measure.

However, over the past few years, several roof measurement technologies have been developed. Some examples of these new technologies include aerial imagery, 3D modeling, and ground user images.

In this blog post, we include details on the above three commonly used roof measurement technologies and their benefits. These new technologies are being vastly adopted by roofing contractors to ensure accurate, timely, and efficient measurements and estimating.

Aerial Measurement Technologies

Aerial measurement technologies have been around for almost 15 years. They use aerial imagery from drones and satellites. The images are processed using computer algorithms to create a 3D model of the property.

According to some reports, the measurements extracted from aerial images can be as accurate as 95%. Many companies have now developed top-of-the-line roof measurement software in order to help contractors obtain accurate measurements.

Some of the most accurate roof management software that use aerial imagery include:


The Eagleview roof measurement software is designed to provide roof contractors with a more streamlined workflow. The software uses high-resolution aerial imagery to churn out accurate results.

The software employs patented technology to derive measurements and 3D property diagrams from aerial imagery. The best part is that roof contractors don’t have to carry a laptop with them to derive the measurements. The Eagleview app allows access to the data on the go. It has been designed to act as a work organizer as well. The dashboard also shows all the properties previously calculated.

GAF QuickMeasure

GAF QuickMeasure is an affordable and accurate roof measurement service that can deliver measurement reports for a single-family house in an hour. The report consists of all the measurements a contractor needs to provide its customers with an estimate. The parameters calculated include area, facets, pitch, eaves, rakes, valleys, and parapet walls.

The report is ordered from a desktop or mobile device, and the algorithm will create a 3D model of the area and provide the required measurements. According to the developers, the reports are warranted to be 95% accurate.

Hover e360

This software uses patented technology and requires contractors or homeowners that have been invited by the contractor to capture 8 photos of the property. Using these images, the algorithm transforms the images into a 3D model and measurement report that provides accurate exterior measurements. An upgraded report can include the siding and soffit measurements as well as visual design in the 3D model for renovating the exterior of a home.

Hover e360 is another type of report that helps determine an estimate of the material used up to the last nail. Using the application, contractors and homeowners can design new roofs, test different colors and textures, add virtual windows, and more.

Benefits Of Using Roof Measurement Software

Some of the main benefits of roof measurement software are:

  • Reports are highly accurate and minimize the risk of human error
  • The system is safer since workers don’t have to climb the roof and take measurements manually
  • Helps save time and money
  • Due to fast measurements, there is more time to meet new prospects
  • Homeowners receive a copy of the measurement report for their home records
  • Service providers have websites and apps that are simple and convenient to navigate

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