The Importance of Hiring a Roofing Contractor with Business Liability Insurance

January 20, 2022

The Importance of Hiring a Roofing Contractor with Business Liability Insurance

There are a few important things in life that you always end up learning the hard way. However, the importance of hiring a roofing contractor with liability insurance should not be one of those.

We have all heard the sentence, ‘My buddy is a great handyman and he can help you out with any contractor work you need’ from at least one of our acquaintances. Well, good for their buddy, but does he have liability insurance?

Many people dismiss the fact that a company or a contractor does not have liability insurance by saying, ‘It is a small job that will only take a few hours.’

However, accidents happen when they happen. It doesn’t matter whether the task at hand is small or extensive. This is especially true for roofing jobs. It is a dangerous job where accidents can happen. Hence, it is extremely important to hire a roofing contractor or a company with proper accreditations and insurance.

Although there are different types of insurance that roofing companies may carry, liability insurance is the most important. Liability insurance covers damage to your property in case of an accident.

Can the roofing company take the blame for the damage and incur the cost? They will not unless they are insured. Moreover, liability insurance is as important for the company as for the client.

Why Should You Work With Insured Roofing Contractors?

While starting on a new project, neither you nor the roofing company wants to think about an accident happening. However, that doesn’t change the probability of an accident occurring. Hence, it is extremely important that you only work with an insured contractor to ensure that in case of a mishap, the cost of property damage is replaced. Always remember that prevention is better than a cure.

Here are a few reasons why you should always hire an insured roofing contractor:

Liability For Injuries

Accidents can happen to the most experienced roofing contractors. It is a dangerous job and workers can get hurt. If you are working with an uninsured company and one of the workers ends up getting hurt during the job, there are chances that the company might ask you to pay the consequences. Moreover, this will also end up delaying your project.

Liability For Damages

Roof installations, like any other projects, are susceptible to mishaps. The project might not go as planned which can cause certain damage to your property. In this case, if the company has business liability insurance, any damage done can be paid back in full through a claim process.

Added Credibility

If the contractor you are planning to hire doesn’t have insurance, it can be a red flag. When a roofing contractor or any other contractor has proper insurance, it is a sign that they take their work and business seriously and operate with the homeowner’s protection in mind. Furthermore, roofing associations and shingle manufacturers require roofing contractors to maintain current Liability Insurance. Feel free to ask your contractor for a copy of a Certificate of Liability Insurance.

Type Of Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance is different for roofing contractors that mostly deal with residential work as compared to contractors who only opt for commercial work. Hence, when hiring a roofing contractor, keep the type of project you are planning in mind. If you want a roof replacement for your house, make sure the company has residential-specific liability insurance.

Similarly, if you want the services of a roofing contractor for commercial roof repairs, look for a contractor that has commercial-specific insurance.

About AKRoN Roofing

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Our company is a small business in Southern Alberta offering full services and special attention to detail with quality customer service from our owners that only small companies can provide. In addition to providing roof replacement and repair services, we can assess your ventilation, repair or replace skylights, eavestrough, fascia and soffits. We can also help you navigate your insurance claims. Our quotes are always free.

AKRoN Roofing has extensive experience working with insurance companies on behalf of homeowners. We have the know-how and credentials to help you handle this process with confidence.

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